Principles of Professional Consulting

management consulting


The Principles of Professional Consulting (PPC) programme is an introduction to the profession of management consulting and provides a combination of skills, knowledge, experience, and ability in order to bridge the gap between line management and management consulting.

The PPC Course is based on and encompasses the Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) and is endorsed by the Institute of Management Consultants of South Africa (IMCSA).

In order to attain Certified Management Consultant status, a consultant must prove competence in each of the areas of the Consulting Competency Framework.


To enhance the skills of professionals who are already consulting but who have never attended a formal course in Management Consulting.
To develop the knowledge and skills required to prepare functional/technical experts for Management Consulting.
To introduce aspirant management consultants to the principles and process of Management Consulting.
To assist those who interact regularly with Management Consultants.


Objectives of PPC;
History and Definition;
Characteristics of a Management Consultant;
Consulting Lifecycle;
Opportunity Management;
Types of Opportunity;
Approaching Prospects;
Opportunity Qualification;
Approach to a Qualified Opportunity;
Preliminary Analysis (Diagnosis/Design);
Estimating Effort and Cost;
Developing the Proposal;
Closing the Sale;
Research and Data Collection;
Analysis / Synthesis;
Conclusions and Recommendations;
Engagement Management;
Conclusion and Recommendations;
Securing follow on work;



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