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Angelo Kehayas

Angelo is a Public and Key Note Speaker, a Business, Executive and Leadership Coach. He has served at senior level in blue chip companies and has established and run successful ventures in multiple industries. He has designed and delivered corporate development programmes, focused speaking events, and has coached executives, business leaders and entrepreneurs. He specialises in challenging assignments, solving systems problems and facilitating group and team planning sessions. He is certified as a Master Coach, Certified Management Consultant and NLP Practitioner.

Business Leadership: Becoming Leadership Material

Business Leadership: Becoming Leadership Material becoming leadership material training course

This workshop is a tool for your leadership development. It is designed to help you create and accomplish your personal best, and to help you lead others to get extraordinary things done. At its core, leadership means setting goals, lighting a path, and persuading others to follow. But the responsibility entails much more. Leaders must get their message out in a way that inspires, make the most of their limited time, and build roads to precious resources. They must negotiate alliances, improve their colleagues, and align the ambitions of the many with the needs of the organization.

Business Etiquette: Gaining That Extra Edge

Business Etiquette: Gaining That Extra Edge

INTRODUCTION Business Etiquette – If you have had some awkward moments where you aren’t sure which fork to use or which side plate is yours, or if you’ve ever had to make small talk with some VIP and been lost for words, you know just how agonizing such moments can be. However, what can be […]

Building Your Self Esteem and Assertiveness Skills

Building Your Self Esteem and Assertiveness Skills

INTRODUCTION Building your self-esteem is essential for confidence and success. And it all begins with you. Of all the judgments you make it life, none is as important as the one you make about yourself. Without some measure of self-worth, life can be enormously painful. Today you will discover some simple techniques that dramatically change […]

Teamwork – Building Better Teams

Teamwork – Building Better Teams coaching and mentoring services

INTRODUCTION TO TEAMWORK With teamwork at the core of corporate strategy, your success as an organization can often depend on how well you and other team members operate together. Can your team solve problems effectively? Is the team enthusiastic and motivated to do its best? Do you work well together? After this workshop, you will […]

Advanced Writing Skills

Advanced Writing Skills Advanced Writing Skills

INTRODUCTION This advanced writing skills workshop is for those who already are good writers. Our time will be devoted to writing letters of recommendation, of persuasion, of refusal or of action, that reflect current word usage and up-to-date formats. You can also become more skilled at writing business cases, proposals and reports and learn a […]

Managing Customer Service

Managing Customer Service

INTRODUCTION Managing Customer Service – The need for leading, promoting, and enhancing a customer-focused culture, are essential within every organisation. Leading, creating, and enhancing a customer-focused culture are essential within government departments. This workshop will provide you with an opportunity to explore your responsibilities within your role as a customer service agent. As we discuss […]

Anger Management

Anger Management Anger Management

INTRODUCTION Anger Management – The co-worker who can productively confront his teammate about his negative attitude increases his team’s chance of success as well as minimizes destructive conflicts. The customer service agent who can defuse the angry customer not only keeps her customers loyal but makes her own day less troublesome. This one-day workshop is […]

Motivating Your Workforce

Motivating Your Workforce principles of assertiveness

INTRODUCTION Motivate your workforce – It’s no secret. Employees who feel they are valued and recognized for the work they do are more motivated, responsible, and productive. This one-day workshop will help supervisors and managers create a more dynamic, loyal and energized workplace. It is designed specifically to help busy managers and supervisors understand what […]

Principles of Professional Consulting

Principles of Professional Consulting professional consulting

Principles of Professional Consulting Request on-site delivery of this popular course at your location. Please indicate preferred dates. Request Course Delivery Now INTRODUCTION The Principles of Professional Consulting (PPC) programme is an introduction to the profession of management consulting and provides a combination of skills, knowledge, experience, and ability in order to bridge the gap […]