Profweb – Management Consulting

BEE Status – Profweb – Management Consulting

Black Economic Empowerment

Profweb is categorised as an EME and thus qualifies for a level 4 BEE rating.

Enterprise Development

Profweb has promoted Enterprise development in a number of ways:

Profweb’s Corporate Social Investment policy is structured to ensure that a constructive contribution is made towards human resource development and to building and enhancing the quality of life of disadvantaged communities. Our Corporate Social Investment is directed at skills development and training, support of communities and non-profit organizations, spiritual development and cultural development. Profweb has contributed to and is supporting non-profit organisations such as the IMCSA, Bosele Dawn, Mother’s Nest, SABTIA and others.


The above mentioned initiatives confirm Profweb’s commitment to meaningful, value-added and multi-faceted broad based black economic empowerment, in a constructive and practical manner.

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