List of courses

List of Courses

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Change Management Change Management ChM1
Change Management – Change and How to Deal with it Change Management ChM2
Change Leadership Change Management ChM3
Coaching – A Leadership Skill Coaching & Mentoring C&M1
Coaching For Success Coaching & Mentoring C&M2
Coaching Skills Coaching & Mentoring C&M3
Coaching Towards Excellence Coaching & Mentoring C&M4
Mentoring and Coaching Coaching & Mentoring C&M5
Mentoring Programme Coaching & Mentoring C&M6
Values and Attitudes Coaching & Mentoring C&M7
Customer Service Customer Service CuS1
Customer Service Training – Critical Elements Customer Service Customer Service CuS2
Customer Service Training – Managing Customer Service Customer Service CuS3
Telephone Courtesy Skills Customer Service CuS4
Service Excellence Customer Service CuS5
Events Protocol and Etiquette Event Management EM1
Budgets and Managing Money Financial F1
Finance for Event Managers Financial F2
Finance for Non-Financial and Project Managers Financial F2
Finance for Non-Financial Managers Financial F3
Assessment Skills Leadership & Management L&M1
Becoming an Effective Trustee Leadership & Management L&M2
Business Principles – Basic Leadership & Management L&M3
Office Ethics and you Leadership & Management L&M4
Business Excellence Model Leadership & Management L&M5
Business Leadership – Becoming Management Material Leadership & Management L&M6
Business Strategy Review and Development Leadership & Management L&M8
Business Succession Planning – Developing and Maintaining a Succession Plan Leadership & Management L&M9
Conducting Disciplinary Hearings Leadership & Management L&M10
Conducting Effective Performance Reviews Leadership & Management L&M11
Delegation – The Art of Delegating Effectively Leadership & Management L&M12
Decision Making – Innovation Creativity Leadership & Management L&M13
Decision Making – Office ethics and you Leadership & Management L&M14
Diversity Management Leadership & Management L&M15
Effective Leadership Leadership & Management L&M16
Employee Dispute Resolution – Mediation Through Peer Review Leadership & Management L&M17
Entrepreneurial and Business Skills Leadership & Management L&M18
Ethics & Governance Leadership & Management L&M19
Hiring Smart – Behavioural Interviewing Techniques Leadership & Management L&M23
Human Resource Training – HR for the non-HR Manager Leadership & Management L&M24
Induction Programme Leadership & Management L&M25
Knowledge Management Leadership & Management L&M26
Maintaining an Effective Workplace Leadership & Management L&M27
Management Principles Leadership & Management L&M28
Management Programme Leadership & Management L&M29
Management by Objectives Leadership & Management L&M30
Management Control Systems Leadership & Management L&M31
Motivation Leadership & Management L&M32
Motivation – Motivating your Workforce Leadership & Management L&M33
Orientation Handbook – Getting Employees off to a Good Start Leadership & Management L&M34
Performance Management Leadership & Management L&M35
Performance Management – Managing Employee Performance Leadership & Management L&M36
Strategic Management Leadership & Management L&M37
Supervisor Training – The ABCs of Supervising Others Leadership & Management L&M38
Talent Management Leadership & Management L&M39
Team Building – Developing High-Performance Teams Leadership & Management L&M40
Teamwork – Building Better Teams Leadership & Management L&M41
The Makings of a Good Meeting Leadership & Management L&M42
The Professional Supervisor Leadership & Management L&M43
The Relational Organisation Model Leadership & Management L&M44
Understanding Effective Leadership Development Leadership & Management L&M45
Celebrating Diversity Leadership & Management L&M46
Workplace Violence Leadership & Management L&M47
Safety in the Workplace  Leadership & Management SS28
Branding & Marketing for Professionals Management Consulting MC1
Building Relationships for Success in Sales Management Consulting MC2
Business Analysis Management Consulting MC3
Client Interviewing and Fact Finding Skills Management Consulting MC4
Influence & Relationship Building Management Consulting MC5
Internal Consulting Management Consulting MC6
Principles Of Professional Consulting Management Consulting MC7
Procuring, Monitoring & Evaluating Professional Services Management Consulting MC8
Professional Practice Management Management Consulting MC9
Current Project Management Techniques to Increase Effectiveness Project Management PM1
The Minute Taker’s WorkShop Soft Skills SS30
Programme Management Project Management PM3
Project Management (PW) Project Management PM4
Project Management – Advanced Project Management PM5
Project Management – Essentials Project Management PM6
Project Management – Flexible Project Management PM7
Project Management – Intermediate Project Management PM8
Project Management – IT Project Management PM9
Principles of Project Management Project Management PM10
Project Management – Fundamentals Project Management PM11
Project Management – Understanding Project Management Project Management PM12
Project Teams – Managing Project Management PM13
Effective Planning And Scheduling Project Management SS17
Audit Awareness and Preparation QMAAP Quality Management QM1
Auditors QMA Quality Management QM2
Basic Quality Awareness Quality Management QM3
ISO 14001 – Advanced Quality Management QM4
ISO 14001 – Introductory Quality Management QM5
ISO 9000 – Advanced Quality Management QM6
ISO 9000 – Auditor / Lead Auditor Quality Management QM7
ISO 9000 – Executive Quality Management QM8
ISO 9000 – Executive Introduction Quality Management QM9
ISO 9000 – MS Auditors Quality Management QM10
Management System Auditor Quality Management QM11
Management System Internal Economics of Quality Quality Management QM12
Quality Management Implementation Quality Management QM13
Quality Management to ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management QM14
Quality System – External Audit Quality Management QM15
Quality System – Internal Audit Quality Management QM16
Audit Awareness and Preparation QMAAP Quality Management QM17
Marketing and Sales Sales & Marketing S&M1
Professional Selling Skills Sales & Marketing S&M 2
Sales Training – Building Relationships for Success in Sales Sales & Marketing S&M 3
Sales Training – Dynamite Sales Presentations Sales & Marketing S&M 4
Sales Training – Overcoming Objections to Nail the Sale Sales & Marketing S&M 5
Sales Training – Prospecting for Leads like a Pro Sales & Marketing S&M 6
Sales Training – Selling Smarter Sales & Marketing S&M 7
Telemarketing: Using the Telephone as a Sales Tool Sales & Marketing S&M 8
Advanced Writing Skills Soft Skills SS1
Anger Management – Understanding Anger – Yours and Theirs Soft Skills SS2
Building your Self-Esteem and Assertiveness Skills Soft Skills SS3
Business Ethics for the Office Soft Skills SS4
Business Etiquette – Gaining that Extra Edge Soft Skills SS5
Business Writing Skills Soft Skills SS6
Business Writing that Works Soft Skills SS7
Business Communication Skills 1 Day Course Soft Skills SS8
Business Communication Skills 2 Day Course Soft Skills SS9
Communication Strategies Soft Skills SS10
Conflict Management Soft Skills SS11
Conflict Resolution – Dealing with Difficult People Soft Skills SS12
Conflict Resolution – Getting along in the Workplace Soft Skills SS13
Controlling Anger Before it Controls You Soft Skills SS14
Diversity Training Soft Skills SS15
Effective Listening Soft Skills SS16
Effective Planning & Scheduling Soft Skills SS17
Emotional Intelligence Soft Skills SS18
How to manage anger and violence in the workplace Soft Skills SS19
Hiring for Success Soft Skills SS20
Mastering an Interview Soft Skills SS21
Negotiating for Results Soft Skills SS22
Negotiation Skills (AK) Soft Skills SS24
Negotiation Skills (NL) Soft Skills SS25
Personality Styles Soft Skills SS26
Principles of Assertiveness Soft Skills SS27
Stress Management Training Soft Skills SS29
The Minute-Taker’s Workshop Soft Skills SS30
Time Management – Get Organised for Peak Performance Soft Skills SS31
Time Management (PW) Soft Skills SS32
Workplace Harassment Soft Skills SS33
Workplace Violence Soft Skills SS34
Writing Reports and Proposals Soft Skills SS35
Contract Management Supply Chain Management SCM1
Logistics and Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Management SCM2
Inventory Management – The Nuts and Bolts Supply Chain Management SCM3
Creative Thinking Thinking Skills ThS1
Information Gathering and Decision Making Thinking Skills ThS2
Mind Mapping Thinking Skills ThS3
Paying Attention to Detail Thinking Skills ThS4
Problem Solving and Decision Making Thinking Skills ThS5
Decision Making – Innovation Creativity Thinking Skills ThS6
Advanced Skills for the Practical Trainer Facilitation & Training F&T1
Effective Meeting Facilitation 1 Day Course Facilitation & Training F&T2
Effective Meeting Facilitation 2 Day Course Facilitation & Training F&T3
Facilitation Skills (PW) Facilitation & Training F&T4
Facilitation Skills – Facilitator Excellence Facilitation & Training F&T5
Facilitation Skills – Understanding Facilitation & Training F&T6
Meeting Management – The Art of Making Meetings Work Facilitation & Training F&T7
Presentation Skills Facilitation & Training F&T8
Public Speaking – Presentation Survival School Facilitation & Training F&T9
Public Speaking – Speaking under Pressure Facilitation & Training F&T10
Speakeasy – Conquering your Fear of Speaking in Public Facilitation & Training F&T11
Survival Skills for the New Trainer Facilitation & Training F&T12
The Fearless Presenter – Impactful Presentations Facilitation & Training F&T13
The Practical Trainer Facilitation & Training F&T14
Train the Trainer Facilitation & Training F&T15
Train the Trainer I – The Practical Trainer Facilitation & Training F&T16
Train the Trainer II – The Learning Style Facilitation & Training F&T17
Train the Trainer III – Developing a Training Programme Facilitation & Training F&T18
Train the Trainer IV – Activities to Make Training Fun Facilitation & Training F&T19
Train the Trainer V – Inspire, Motivate Facilitation & Training F&T20
Using Activities to Make Training Fun Facilitation & Training F&T21