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Profweb Professional Services

ProfWeb provides a broad range of professional services aimed at improving organisational performance. Our professional services include but are not exclusive to:

Professional Services

  • Organisational Change and Transformation
  • Programme and Project Management
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Process Analysis and Design
  • Organisational Design and Development
  • Business Systems Consulting
  • Facilitation Services

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Our Expertise & Independence

  • Our extensive professional database allows us   to provide highly specialised services on demand. As a result, we draw on the most suitable skills for the specific project. Our range of services allows us to advise your organisation in a holistic and comprehensive manner.
  • Our product Professional Servicesindependence ensures that you get the best possible advice.
  • We have developed a range of structured methods and approaches, which allow us to address most organisational, systems and technology needs.
  • Our in depth experience enables us to provide a transactional advisory from concept to contract.
  • Our track record in simplifying the most complex problems is available to you.
  • Our expertise lies in systemic thinking and in treating your organisation as a living organism.

Our experienced Programme and Project managers are available to you to:

  • Advise on problem projects
  • Run complex programmes from end to endProject Management
  • Run individual projects for you
  • Define Methodologies, establish Project Management Structures and Project Management Offices.
  • Coach trainee Project Staff

Business Systems Consulting

business systems consulting

  • Advise on ERP, development and Best of Breed Systems
  • Run complex Business Systems programmes from end to end
  • Provide quality assurance and audit services.
  • Define, Design and Implement IT governance structures and approaches.
  • Align IT and business strategies
  • Design and Develop Enterprise Architectures.
  • Design and develop IT strategies.
  • Review and implement IT policies, procedures and standards.
  • Map processes, redesign and reengineer selectively or across the entire business.
  • Advise on organisation performance programmes.
  • Business System Selection and Implementation
  • Transaction advisory and vendor selection


Professional Services - FacilitationProfWeb specialises in facilitating for results, be it in a training session or a strategic planning breakaway. We have custom developed interventions for client specific needs and our services have been utilised in diverse applications such as strategic planning, business process re-engineering, client-vendor conflict, inter divisional planning and large seminars.

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