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A specialist professional services firm that provides trusted advice, coaching, training and research.

Expert, independent advice, clear guidance and solutions that work.

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ProfWeb provides a broad range of professional services aimed at improving organisational performance.


Our training material covers a wide range of technical, personal, specialist, consulting, project management and management disciplines.

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In addition to our consulting and training capabilities, ProfWeb has developed numerous coaching and mentoring courses and implementation approaches.


Due to its international network of affiliated organisations, ProfWeb has often been requested to conduct specific research on behalf of international or local clients.


profweb-management-consulting-south-africaThe company consists of a global network of professionals who specialise in their area of expertise. Drawing from global best practice and expertise, the ProfWeb team has worked with numerous South African blue-chip companies, assisting them in optimising their existing business, human and technology investments. The company specialises in professional service delivery across varied disciplines to make a direct impact on the bottom line and to improve their ROI on people, processes and technology.

The ProfWeb approach is one of partnership with our clients, and each involvement is considered in the light of its unique environment. ProfWeb encourages key client personnel to be part of any change project team. Skills transfer, capacity building and involvement are emphasised.

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Featured Courses

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INTRODUCTION This mentoring workshop is designed to equip management with the critical mentoring skills needed in today's changing environment. The focus is on key mentoring skills that foster high performance from employees. 1. OBJECTIVES Have a clearer understanding of whatRead More »

Conflict Resolution – Getting along in the Workplace

All of us experience conflict. We argue with our spouses, disagree with our friends, and sometimes even quarrel with strangers at a hockey game. At times we lose sight of the fact that all this conflict is normal. So longRead More »
Posted inSoft Skills

Coaching Skills

  The Need for Coaching: Coaching in the workplace is a relatively recent concept. Traditionally, coaching took place in the sport environment (football, tennis, rugby, swimming etc). The application of the coaching principle in the workplace has evolved to theRead More »
Time Management

Time Management

Everyone needs to manage their time effectively, be it at work, at home or in social environments. The order and manner in which you deal with events and activities can have a profound effect on your life and how youRead More »
Posted inSoft Skills
Presentation and public speaking

Presentations and Public Speaking

Presentations and Public Speaking - The ability to present effectively is a vital skill in today’s fast-paced business world. Whether you’re in sales, consulting, project management, technical support or leadership, our Effective Speaking & Presentation skills programme will help youRead More »
professional consulting

Negotiation Skills

INTRODUCTION Everyone needs to be able to negotiate effectively, be it at work, at home or in social environments. The outcome of your negotiations and the manner in which you deal with events which require negotiations can have a profoundRead More »
Posted inSoft Skills
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