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1Finance for Non-Financial and Project Managers


Finance for Non-Financial and Project Managers

Finance Management for Non-Financial and Project Managers


Finance Management – Everyone needs to manage their finances effectively, be it at work, at home or in social environments. The way in which you deal with the finances entrusted to you can have a profound effect on your business and its ultimate success. Each of us has the ability to improve the way we manage and understand our finances and the impact this has on us.

This course introduces you to the concepts of finance, the interpretation of key financial statements, project finance, justification, budgeting, capital and operational expenditure.


Learn about the principles of financial management
Read and interpret financial statements
An introduction to ratios
An introduction to budgeting
Project budgeting and finance
Learn basic techniques of financial management
Labour costing


Structure and interpretation of financial statements
Balance sheets
Income statements
Cash flow statements and projections
Ratio analysis
Debits and credits

Project finance
Capital and operational expenditure;
Justification and prioritisation – ROI, ROE and COO
Accumulation of project costs
Approval, control and authorisation
Labour and material costing

Different approaches
Reporting against budgets
Project budgeting
Estimating techniques