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Problem Solving and Decision Making

Problem Solving and Decision Making business change management

We believe that learning to think strategically and creatively should come before developing team plans or problem solving. This program focuses on Creative Thinking (specifically in its potential to help avoid unforeseen changes) and using such thinking in the Planning/Problem Solving Process.

Coaching Skills

Coaching Skills

  The Need for Coaching: Coaching in the workplace is a relatively recent concept. Traditionally, coaching took place in the sport environment (football, tennis, rugby, swimming etc). The application of the coaching principle in the workplace has evolved to the extent that many CEOs and MDs now have what is called “Executive Coaches”. Because executive […]

Coaching- A Leadership Skill

Coaching- A Leadership Skill

  Coaching: A Leadership Skill Coach, Role Model, Counselor, Supporter, Guide…do these words ring a bell? Being a coach involves being a role model, sometimes a counselor or supporter, and always a guide. Coaching is based on a partnership that involves giving both support and challenging opportunities to employees. Knowing how and when to coach […]


Mentoring mentoring and coaching services

INTRODUCTION This mentoring workshop is designed to equip management with the critical mentoring skills needed in today’s changing environment. The focus is on key mentoring skills that foster high performance from employees. 1. OBJECTIVES Have a clearer understanding of what mentoring is and what coaches do Learn techniques for communicating with your team in positive […]


Coaching coaching and mentoring services

This coaching skills course introduces you to the concepts of information gathering, structuring, and decision making and dealing with deadlines. Everyone needs to make decisions at some stage in their life, be it at work, at home or in social environments. Defining the objective, gathering the information and making appropriate decisions based on these inputs […]