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1Tinkering within Chaos


Tinkering within Chaos

Understanding Chaos

Strategic innovators, a select cadre of hand-picked CEOs and Boards, understand that chaos is something formless which can be differentiated through its underlying secret order of possibilities. Like ancient Greek philosopher Hesiod, they too think highly of chaos and consider it fundamental to the creation of ‘cosmos’, their future corporate universe. Contrary to its current belief regarding disorder, they believe that chaos is birthed from the void and it is about what is possible. Like the founder of analytical psychology Carl Jung, they also accept that in all chaos there is a cosmos and in all disorder a secret order. Like recent renowned mathematicians dealing with chaotic dynamics, they similarly consent to sensitivity to initial conditions, topological mixing and dense periodic orbits. Based on such deep understandings, strategic innovators transform ‘abnormal’ uniformity into ‘normal’ diversity’.

Tinkering within Chaos

Strategic innovators mimic natural chaotic creativity (emerging, diverging and converging) and thereby build strategic foresight capabilities (posturing, playing and pacing). How?

They amalgamate and combine time horizons. They unify and fuse variable futures. They blend apparent contradictions, mingle mystifying incongruities and interweave perplexing oxymora. Concurrently, by posturing with ‘strange attractors’. In parallel, by playing with ‘natural fractals’. Synchronously, by pacing with ‘butterfly effects’.

Time though for a penetrating glimpse. Let me uncover how we at InnoValue help strategic innovators tinker within chaos, by decoding its secret order of possibilities.

Posturing (with strange attractors)

Strategic Innovators explore and connect the future, by posturing with strange attractors. They emulate chaos, by choosing their strategic futures, postures and moves. They select their future (true ambiguity, or a range of futures or alternate futures), having abandoned the notion of a clear-enough future. They tailor their strategic postures (shaping, adapting or/and reserving to play) accordingly, vis-à-vis mentioned uncertainty levels. Finally, they switch and shift their moves (big bets, options, no-regret moves), in moulding their tailored postures.

Playing (with natural fractals)

Strategic Innovators pre-discover and link the future, by playing with natural fractals. They mesmerize chaos, by changing the strategic game to be played in a fractal manner. They comprehend that strategic games encompass irregular forms which display a self-similarity across scales. Altering and shifting fractal symmetries, regarding participants and interdependencies, becomes the name of the game. So, in every strategic play, they may change players, values, rules, tactics and scope.

Pacing (with butterfly effects)

Strategic Innovators recognize and shape the future, by pacing with butterfly effects. They charm chaos, by orchestrating its sensitive dependencies through paces, transitions and rhythms. They understand that even a small change in initial conditions may cascade to large-scale alterations of outcomes. Their delicate choreography and flapping maneuvers include transitions to sustain momentum, rhythms to create momentum and paces to synchronize speedy intensity of effort.

But, this is what Strategic Innovators are effectively doing.

What are you doing?

Are you decoding the secret chaotic order of strategic future possibilities?

Would you like to posture, play and pace in chaos?

Would you like to tinker within chaos?

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