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1Administration Skills

Administration Skills

Administration Skills

Skills for the Administrative Assistant

Work is not the only thing that matters in life, but most of us want to take pride in what we do. While we don’t have to like the people we work with, or report to, at the very least we should be able to interact positively with them. The biggest influence on job satisfaction is our relationship with others. This two-day workshop will help you maximize your potential as a support person.

  • Introduction and Course Overview
  • Personal Best, Professional Best
  • Making a Good Impression
  • Distorted Thinking
  • Steps to Feeling Good
  • Assertiveness
    o What is assertiveness?
    o The assertiveness model
    o Dealing with tough issues
  • Communication
  • Asking and Listening
    o Open Questions
    o Closed Questions
    o Clarifying Questions
    o Active Listening
  • Non-Verbal Messages
  • Getting What Others Want
  • Self-Management
    o Self-Management
    o Time Management
    o Your Workspace
    o Being Proactive
  • Setting Goals
    o Personal Action Plan
  • Working as a Team
  • Difficult People
    o Defining Conflict
    o Blending
    o Redirecting
    o When Discussions Degenerate into Conflict
    o SOFTEN
  • Saying No
  • Writing
    o The Four C’s
    o Punctuation Pointers
    o Letters and Memos
  • De-Stress Options You Can Use Right Now