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1Business Etiquette: Gaining That Extra Edge


Business Etiquette: Gaining That Extra Edge


Business Etiquette – If you have had some awkward moments where you aren’t sure which fork to use or which side plate is yours, or if you’ve ever had to make small talk with some VIP and been lost for words, you know just how agonizing such moments can be. However, what can be even more damaging to your career are those things you aren’t aware of, the social gaffes you aren’t even aware of making.


  • Become more skilled at networking, from making introductions to shaking hands and using business cards appropriately.
  • Be better prepared for both formal and informal meetings, even if you aren’t presenting.
  • Dress appropriately for every business occasion.
  • Feel comfortable when dining in business or formal situations.
  • Feel more confident in your business communication in every situation.
  • Give you that extra edge that establishes trust and credibility.


Introduction and Course Overview
Fear of Embarrassment
Test Your Business Etiquette
The Handshake & Business Card Etiquette
The Skill of Making Small Talk
Do You Remember Names?
Review Exercise
Making That Great First Impression
Dress for Success
Dressing the Part
What’s Your Code?
Adding Colour to your Wardrobe
Business Dining & E-Mail and Telephone Etiquette
In Good Company’s Business Etiquette Quiz