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1Business Writing Skills

Business Management Hand Write

Business Writing Skills



This course introduces you to the concepts of business writing skills, communication fundamentals and suggests standard structures for key documents.

Everyone needs to be able to write effectively, be it at work, at home or in social environments. This is even truer of business communications. Business communications have a lot in common with the production of academic research papers, dissertations, and theses, although they need to be more concise and practical. The way in which you present your written communications can have a profound effect on your personal and business career. Each of us has the ability to improve the way we communicate and written skills are a key part of this requirement.


Learn about the principles of business writing
Identify how you deal with written communications
Look at areas of improvement
Learn basic writing techniques
Learn to structure a formal report
Start learning how to improve your personal skills


Understanding business writing principles
Purpose & types of communication
Target audience
Permanence of written communication
Formal Structuring of the report
Setting the objective
Researching and organising information
Structuring the report
Using a clear style
Correct use of language
Finalizing the report
Control items
Optional Subjects
Selling and proposal writing
Tying in with other forms of communication
Mind mapping for report writing
General communication effectiveness