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1Conducting Effective Performance Reviews

Performance review

Conducting Effective Performance Reviews

Research has shown that organizations that conduct performance reviews are more successful than those who do not have a system in place. The first step in a basic system is to develop standards of performance that all employees can understand and agree to.

Setting performance objectives to aim for will give supervisors and employees a like focus, and targets to aim for. Supervisors must also learn how to coach and give feedback, both positive and negative, on a regular and timely basis so that employees can grow and develop. Defensible performance reviews are the culmination of all these activities.

Learning Objectives:

At the conclusion of this workshop, you will:

    • Recognize the importance of having a performance review process     for employees.
    • Identify the performance management cycle, and the part employees, managers and organizations play in that cycle.
    • Understand how to work with employees to set performance objectives and standards.
    • Develop skills in observing and giving feedback, listening and asking questions, for effective coaching and improved performance.
    • Identify an effective interview process and have the opportunity to practice the process in a supportive atmosphere.
  • Make the performance review legally defensible.