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1Effective Leadership

Effective leadership

Effective Leadership

In high performing work groups, the leader is seen by employees as dedicated to the mission of the enterprise at all times. The leader has a clear understanding that the responsibility of leadership is to accomplish goals through people. They distinguish between the leadership of people and the management of things and tasks. Compelling leaders operate thoughtfully in both modes.

Most importantly, well-led employees expect excellence from their leader. These expectations are best summarized by General Colin Powell’s* definition of leadership: “Leadership is the art of routinely accomplishing more than the science of management says is possible”.


Questions that a leader should routinely ask himself or herself
Steps a leader should take to find personal success in his or her life’s work on a daily basis.
Whether a leader does know his or her life’s work.
Knowing how to harness and execute strategy when the unknowns will always outweigh the knowns.
Knowing how to set the general direction without being ambiguous or micromanaging.
Knowing how to create an environment where an ownership mentality exists to create a sustainable sense of urgency.
How to more easily undertake complex work
See that leadership is a repeatable, learn-able, measurable, improvable and institutional process
The type of critical business skills and language to be developed to promote working across historical organization silos
The increase of competence and confidence to undertake more challenging work


  • Introduction and Course Overview
  • Effective Leadership
    o Difference between leaders and managers
    o Values
    o Beliefs
  • Leadership Attributes
    o What leaders know and can do: Competence
    o Commitment
    o COCA principle of achievement
    o Effective & Ideal Leadership
  • Leadership Behaviour & Style
    o Situational Leadership
    o Developmental Stages
    o Situational Leadership (historical)
    o Leadership Behaviors
  • Leadership Habits
    o The 7 habits of highly effective people – Covey
    o Wrong Habits
    o Influencing people – in balance
  • Setting Goals
    o What Goals are Worth Achieving?
    o Balancing your wheel of life
    o Profit is a legitimate goal
  • 21st Century Leadership
    o 21st Century Challenge: Leading Knowledge Workers
    o People vs Profit
    o Level 5 Leadership
    o Start with Yourself
    o Visionary Purpose and Goals
    o The Compelling Vision
    o Operating values
    o What great companies get right
    o 4 leadership domains
    o Effective leadership
    o The right target
    o Leadership is the engine
    o Predicating the future
    o Culture
    o The change in strategic approaches
    o Key elements of a compelling vision
    o Creating well-formed outcomes
    o Great Leaders
    o 2 strategies to support a vision