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1Presentations and Public Speaking


Presentations and Public Speaking

Presentations and Public Speaking – The ability to present effectively is a vital skill in today’s fast-paced business world. Whether you’re in sales, consulting, project management, technical support or leadership, our Effective Speaking & Presentation skills programme will help you develop the essential skills needed to achieve maximum audience impact. The way in which you present yourself can have a profound effect on your personal and business career. Each of us has the ability to improve the way we communicate and presentation and speaking skills are a key part of this requirement.

This course introduces you to the concepts, communication fundamentals and covers the key skills required to do so effectively.


Learn about the principles of presentations and public speaking.
Identify how you deal with communications.
Look at areas of improvement.
Learn basic techniques.
Learn to structure a presentation.
Start learning how to improve your personal skills.


Construct your presentation content in less time and end up with a presentation that hits the “mark” and achieves your presentation objectives, with maximum audience appeal

Present dull, dreary facts in a way that makes your audience eager for more
Harness the power of body language and better vocal projection – including stance, movement, vocabulary, facial animation and the impact of pauses
Better utilize visual aid support, such as PowerPoint, and avoid the common pitfalls of making slides too “busy” and allowing them to dominate your presentations
Deal with difficult questions and hecklers, and remain in control of your presentation at all times
Make a well-prepared and rehearsed presentation appear as though it were being delivered “off-the-cuff”
Put the “WOW!” factor into any presentation or speech you are called on to make; and
Handle your nerves before a presentation and turn your nervous energy into your friend and ally

Optional Subjects
Selling and proposal writing
Tying in with other forms of communication
Mind mapping for creativity
General communication effectiveness