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1Train the Trainer 1

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Train the Trainer 1

Train the Trainer – Training Skills have emerged to be a critical management and leadership skill. Effective facilitators and trainers are required to master the key training skills described in this programme. This programme will equip potential trainers and presenters with the skills and techniques required to plan, deliver and evaluate training programmes effectively.


To learn the craft of developing training materials
To acquire the required organisational skills for planning and arranging training sessions
To equip trainees with the ability to identify and address training needs
To foster effective training delivery
To enable participants to evaluate the impact of training on business results


Introductory overview

Components of developing a training programme
Six components to consider when developing a training programme
Establishing competencies
Assessing needs and skills
Methods of Assessment
Developing the training curriculum
Preparation and Room setup
Room set up
Create an atmosphere conducive to positive interaction
When using a screen
Room set up configuration
Additional seating tips
Working with sound
Using visuals
Managing room ‘climate’
The delivery process
Handling stage fright
Symptoms of stage fright
What Humans fear the most
Managing your fear ahead of the presentation
Managing your fear during the presentation
Movement and appearance
Movement, Habits, and Routines

Practising for a presentation
Practising Alone
Use your colleagues

Managing Yourself on stage
Stage positioning
Bad habits
Check for audience attention
Using gestures effectively
Choosing quotations

Using Audio / Visual Equipment
Why visuals are effective
Overhead Projection
Using the data projection correctly
Flip charts
Using video and DVD
Using multimedia
Overhead/slide design

Evaluating Training Effectiveness
NQF level
SAQA registration