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1Train the Trainer 2 The Practical Trainer


Train the Trainer 2 The Practical Trainer

Train the Trainer: The Practical Trainer

This workshop is designed to help the individual who is not—or at least not yet—a professional trainer. The focus is on the supervisor, manager or brand new trainer who has been asked to present or train a group of individuals—a task for which he or she has little prior experience. This “on the job” training can strike fear into the heart of the most skilled and experienced employee.

  • Introduction and Course Overview
  • Defining a Successful Training Program
  • Principles of Adult Learning
  • The Four Basic Steps in the Learning Process
  • Your Approach to Learning as a Trainer (The Learning Style Inventory)
  • Your Learning Style
  • Your Training Style (The Trainer Type Inventory)
  • The Learning Cycle and the Training Process
  • When is Training Necessary?
  • Planning Training o Developing Objectives o Planning and Designing the Program o Training Methods o Environmental Concerns o Designing a Learning Sequence
  • Types of Trainers
  • Setting the Climate
  • Common Errors in Training
  • The Four Step Plan
  • Characteristics of an Effective Trainer
  • Dealing with Difficult Trainees
  • Visual Aids
  • Presentations (Mock Training)
  • About Evaluations