List of Courses

Change Management
Finance for Non-Financial and Project Managers
Negotiation Skills
Customer Service
Principles of Assertiveness
Conflict Management
Programme Management
Train the Trainer 1
Project Management
Principles of Project Management
Business Writing Skills
Professional Practice Management
Presentations and Public Speaking
Time Management: Get Organised for Peak Performance
Principles of Professional Consulting
Business Communication Skills
Motivating Your Workforce
Anger Management
Managing Customer Service
Advanced Writing Skills
Teamwork – Building Better Teams
Building Your Self Esteem and Assertiveness Skills
Business Etiquette: Gaining That Extra Edge
Business Leadership: Becoming Leadership Material
Change Management- Change and How to deal with it
Change Leadership
Coaching- A Leadership Skill
Coaching Skills
Customer Service-Critical Elements Customer Service
Service Excellence
Budgets and Managing Money
Finance for Event Managers
Finance for Non-Financial Managers
Administration Skills
Business Succession Planning- Developing and Maintaining a succession plan
Conducting Effective Performance Reviews
Office Ethics and You: Making Good Decisions
Effective Leadership
Employee Dispute Resolution-Mediation through Peer Review
Hiring Smart – Behavioral Interviewing Techniques
Human Resource Training- HR for the non-HR Manager
Orientation Handbook- Getting Employees off to a Good Start
Performance Management – Managing Employee Performance
Strategic Management
Team Building- Developing High Performance Teams
Celebrating Diversity
Branding & Marketing for Professionals
Building Relationships for Success in Sales
Client Interviewing and Fact Find Skills
Influence & Relationship Building
Project Management-Advanced
Project Management- Intermediate
Project Management- Understanding Project Mangement
Marketing and Sales
Professional Selling Skills
Sales Training – Dynamite Sales Presentations
Sales Training – Overcoming Objections to Nail the Sale
Sales Training – Prospecting for Leads like a Pro
Sales Training- Selling Smarter
Telemarketing: Using the Telephone as a Sales Tool
Business Writing that Works
Communication Strategies
Conflict Resolution – Dealing with Difficult People
Conflict Resolution – Getting along in the Workplace
Negotiating for Results
Stress Management Training
The Minute-Taker’s Workshop
Time Management
Writing Reports and Proposals
Problem Solving and Decision Making
Facilitation Skills Understanding
Meeting Management The Art of Making Meetings Work
Train the Trainer 2 The Practical Trainer
Train the Trainer 3 Advanced Skills for Practical Trainer
Train the Trainer 4 Developing your Training Program
Train the Trainer 5 Using Activities to make Training Fun
Train the Trainer 6 Inspire, Motivate, Educate
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